Accelerating the pace of Arctic research

Collaboration fosters creativity. Through IARPC (Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee) Collaborations, scientists from Federal, State, academic, NGO, and industry organizations find talent, share their work, and team up to solve hard problems.

Photo by Mark Buesing (PolarTREC 2013), Courtesy of ARCUS

Latest news

Video Now Available for Narwhal: Revealing an Arctic Legend Webinar
April 11, 2018

In this video, a dentist and an archaeologist team up to reveal one of the least-known animals in the world, including the purpose of its mighty tooth. This webinar will include a tour of the new Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Exhibit. Continue »

Creating a National Scientific Mission: The Nansen Legacy Project (IARPC Collaborations Webinar Series)
April 10, 2018

The Nansen Legacy project breaks new ground in national-scale Arctic research collaborations, forming a national team representing nearly Norway’s entire marine Arctic expertise including 130 scientists, 50 new recruiting positions and Norway’s new research icebreaker. Continue »

Collaboration Team Meetings Synopsis March 2018
April 9, 2018

Want to know more about what happens in our collaboration team meetings and on our member space? Here is everything from the past month, all in one post. Continue »

IARPC Releases Biennial Report 2016-2017
March 28, 2018

IARPC submits this report to Congress through the Executive Office of the President. It contains a statement of activities and accomplishments of the IARPC during 2016-2017. Continue »

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