Arctic Research Plan 2022–2026

In December 2021, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy released IARPC’s Arctic Research Plan 2022–2026. Building on the successes and communities of practice of the 2017–2021 plan, the new Arctic Research Plan is a bold strategy for a changing Arctic. It outlines a vision for federal agencies to address emerging research questions about this vital region, and provides pathways to strengthen relationships between federal agencies and Indigenous communities, academia and non-federal researchers, the state of Alaska, nonprofits, and private sector and international organizations.

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Biennial Implementation Planning

The goals of the Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 will be accomplished through biennial implementation plans. IARPC is now developing the first biennial implementation plan and aims to release it in fall 2022.

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The plan is driven by four priority areas and five foundational activities

The Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 presents a research framework with thematic goals. It seeks to address critical areas for which an interagency approach can accelerate progress, but it does not attempt to address all federally funded research in the Arctic.

Priority Areas

The four priority areas represent areas of broad, cross-cutting research focus.

Community Resilience and Health

Goal: Improve community resilience and well-being by strengthening research and developing tools to increase understanding of interdependent social, natural, and built systems in the Arctic.

Arctic Systems Interactions

Goal: Enhance our ability to observe, understand, predict, and project the Arctic’s dynamic interconnected systems and their links to the Earth system.

Sustainable Economies and Livelihoods

Goal: Observe and understand the Arctic’s natural, social, and built systems to promote sustainable economies and livelihoods.

Risk Management and Hazard Mitigation

Goal: Secure and improve quality of life through research that promotes an understanding of disaster risk exposure, sensitivity to hazard, and adaptive capacity.

Foundational Activities

Foundational activities are critical in supporting the priority areas in this plan, as well as a robust research program in the Arctic. The foundational activities are expected to continue beyond this plan.

  • Data Management
  • Education, Training, and Capacity Building
  • Monitoring, Observing, Modeling, and Prediction
  • Participatory Research and Indigenous Leadership in Research
  • Technology Application and Innovation

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Appendix A: Alignment of Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 with the U.S. Arctic Research Commission Report on the Goals and Objectives for Arctic Research 2019-2020
Appendix B: Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 Engagement Overview
Appendix C: Arctic Research Priorities: Analysis of National Policy Drivers
Appendix D: Principles for Conducting Research in the Arctic (2018)
Appendix E: Equity and Inclusion in the Next Five-Year Arctic Research Plan

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