This brief video tutorial will help you get up and running, including how to: 

  1. Request an account and sign in
  2. Update your profile (0:38)
  3. Join a collaboration team (1:07)
  4. Post an update (1:40)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don't remember my password. How can I access the member space?

Have a password reminder emailed to you here
You can avoid having to lookup your password each time you sign in by clicking the "stay signed in" button on the sign in page.

2. I requested a password reminder but never received the email.

Check your spam folder for an email from If you cannot find the email in your spam folder, please check with your email administrator and contact the IARPC Web Manager, Jessica Rohde, at

3. Who can post to the member space?

All members are encouraged to use the member space to post updates, documents and events. You do not need to have your post approved before posting, however, the IARPC Secretariat may suggest changes to make the post more visible and useful to members, including adding topic tags, tagging collaboration teams, and other editing. 

4. What makes a good post?

Whether you are posting an update, event, or document, there are a few things you can do to help make your post more findable and relevant to the IARPC Collaborations community:

The video tutorial above shows how to utilize these functions beginning at 1:40.

5. Does my content qualify as an update?

Yes! Updates can be just about anything: links to news items, resources, or publications, news you write about your own project, or even informal ideas and questions you wish to explore with  the community. A few pieces of advice:

6. How is the member space moderated?

The IARPC Secretariat monitors activity to ensure that interactions are respectful. For more information read our code of conduct.

7. Can I post my update to the public home page as a news story?

The IARPC Secretariat monitors posts from members on the member space and will post some of them to the public home page. If you would like your post to be considered for the public home, please contact the IARPC Web Manager, Jessica Rohde, at

8. Where can I learn about "@tagging," topic tags, self-forming teams, and other website features?

When logged in to the member space, you may follow the topic tag "IARPC Collaborations website tips & tricks," to learn about more advanced how-to topics. 

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Membership in IARPC Collaborations is subject to approval and adherence to the codes of conduct.


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Please direct website questions to Jessica Rohde, Web Manager, at