IARPC Secretariat

Larry Hinzman

Executive Director
Larry Hinzman is the Assistant Director of Polar Sciences in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Executive Director of the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee. He recently served as the Vice Chancellor for Research and as a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Hinzman served as the Director of the UAF International Arctic Research Center from 2007 to 2015. Professor Hinzman's primary research interests involve permafrost hydrology. He conducted hydrological and meteorological field studies in the Alaskan Arctic continuously for over 35 years while frequently collaborating on complementary research in the Russian and Canadian Arctic. He has served as a member of the U.S. Polar Research Board and as the U.S. delegate and president of the International Arctic Science Committee. He is strongly committed to facilitating national and international partnerships to advance our understanding of the Arctic and Antarctic systems.

Sara Bowden

Executive Secretary


In 2011, Sara joined the IARPC Secretariat and contributed to the drafting of the first five-year research plan. She has worked with the IARPC Executive Director, Staff Group, and Principals to put in place the implementation and collaboration team structure and assisted with the development of the IARPC Collaborations website for sharing and communicating U.S. Arctic research undertakings. She began her career as a Presidential Management Intern in the Department of Commerce and from there held positions in the International Trade Administration and the Office of the United States Trade Representative. She served for five years as a senior policy analyst for international affairs in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy before beginning her science management and administration career in the Arctic. She has served as the Executive Secretary for the Arctic Ocean Sciences Board (AOSB) and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC).

Nikoosh Carlo
Senior Advisor
Dr. Nikoosh Carlo is CEO of CNC North Consulting LLC and Senior Advisor at IARPC. She has extensive experience working to advance community-driven solutions to climate change. She previously served as senior advisor for climate and Arctic policy to the Governor of Alaska (2017-18), a senior advisor at the U.S. State Department for the U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council (2015-17), and the executive director of the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission (2013-15). Dr. Carlo is Athabascan and has deep roots in the Interior Alaska communities of Fairbanks and Tanana, where she was raised. Dr. Carlo received a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of California San Diego and a B.S. in psychology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Sorina Stalla
Biennial Implementation Plan Development Director

Sorina started with IARPC in 2020 and serves as a the Biennial Implementation Plan Development Director. Sorina's past work has focused on different aspects of partnership development, improving science-policy interfaces, and enhancing education initiatives aimed at the federal workforce. She holds a Masters Degree in International Environmental Policy and Ocean and Coastal Resource Management and is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Liz Weinberg

Liz Weinberg
Web Manager & Community Coordinator

Liz Weinberg (she/her) joined IARPC as the web manager and community coordinator in 2020. She previously served as the digital outreach coordinator and writer/editor for NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, where she focused on increasing public engagement in and awareness of marine protected areas. Liz has a background in science communication and writing: she holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Washington, and is at work on a book of essays about climate change, wilderness, and queerness. She is based in unceded Chinook lands / Portland, Oregon.

Meredith LaValley

Policy Analyst & Director of IARPC Collaboration Team Activities


Meredith recently completed her Master's in Environmental Policy at Bard College, where she focuses much of her independent studies on Arctic issues, and her thesis focused on understanding knowledge exchange within IARPC Collaboration teams. She recently relocated to Anchorage, Alaska, where she will work closely with the Alaska-based IARPC Collaborations community.

Drw Villeneuve

Andrew Villeneuve

Sea Grant Knauss Marine Policy Fellow


Andrew is a 2021 Sea Grant Knauss Marine Policy Fellow placed in NOAA Fisheries. He recently graduated with a master’s in environmental conservation from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and holds a bachelor’s in biology from Bowdoin College. Andrew's graduate research focused on variation in thermal physiology between populations of the invasive marine snail Urosalpinx cinerea (Atlantic oyster drill) and using these results to establish how climate sensitivity varies with species. He is interested in how variation within species and ecosystems contribute to climate resilience, and leveraging this knowledge to improve management decisions.

Hazel Shapiro

US AON Program Assistant


Hazel joined the IARPC Secretariat in 2020 as the US AON Program Assistant. She has a BA in Earth Sciences from Dartmouth College where she studied regional weather patterns in Denali, AK. Since then, she has been working in the conservation/non-profit sector, often focused on collaborative project management.

max showalter

Max Showalter

Editor in Chief of the Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021 End-of-Plan Report


Max Showalter is a 2021 Knauss Fellow in NOAA Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) working in coordination with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. He earned his PhD at the University of Washington in oceanography and astrobiology with a dissertation focused on bacterial and viral interactions within Arctic sea ice. In addition to polar microbial ecosystems, his interests include science communication and Indigenous environmental policy.

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