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Call for applications to IARPC Fellowship for Indigenous Leaders

IARPC Collaborations consists of collaboration teams and communities of practice led by federal and non-federal co-leaders and focused on Arctic research topics. Although each of these groups discusses issues directly relevant to research in Alaska and the Arctic and team leaders are experts within their academic disciplines, very few team leaders have perspectives stemming from deep place-based knowledge in Alaska. These perspectives have inherent value and help to align the research community to the priorities of those living in the Arctic which is an essential element of the Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026.

IARPC seeks to expand opportunities for Indigenous individuals to participate in leadership positions within IARPC as they so choose. IARPC acknowledges that the time and resources necessary for participation by Indigenous individuals are often a barrier to participation in IARPC. Therefore, consistent with priorities of the Biden Administration, IARPC has created a fellowship position for Indigenous individuals to participate in IARPC in a leadership capacity. This will be the second time IARPC has hosted a Fellowship for Indigenous Leaders and we have worked to improve the fellowship based on what we learned.

IARPC will support up to three fellows in their participation as co-leads of collaboration teams or communities of practice. Fellows, with guidance by the Secretariat, will select a team based on their expertise or areas of interest (one team per fellow). They will leverage their personal and professional expertise within their teams as well as together on a joint project of their choosing with the help of IARPC’s Indigenous Engagement and Communications Specialist (IECS) and other IARPC staff as needed.


By reducing barriers to participation, the fellowship program aims to create the foundation of an Indigenous space in IARPC with connections to existing collaboration teams/communities of practice.

The fellowship will:

  • Identify and highlight fellows’ own research priorities as Indigenous culture-bearers
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration across cultural boundaries and knowledge systems in the fellows’ respective collaboration teams.
  • Provide fellows with an understanding of the federal research landscape that will inform their careers
  • Provide fellows with the opportunity to build relationships that will expand their professional networks
  • Provide fellows with experience as boundary spanners within the federal collaborative space to expedite their professional growth and cross-cultural communication skills

Indigenous Team Leader Fellowship Guidelines

Any interested Indigenous individuals are eligible for this fellowship if they meet the following conditions:

  • Have expertise, experience, or place-based connection relevant to the team’s focus
  • Are not currently receiving federal funding to engage in or with IARPC
  • See the fellowship as contributing to career and/or future professional plans

Fellows will co-lead a designated IARPC team alongside other co-leaders.

Fellowships are for 18 months with the option of an extension pending funding. There will be subsistence breaks each year, the timing of which will be chosen based on the subsistence priorities of the fellows. Fellowship cohorts will overlap for a period of one month to provide mentorship and knowledge sharing to facilitate the onboarding of new fellows and create continuity for the Fellowship.

Fellows will be supported with a stipend of $5,000. Travel expenses related to IARPC Fellowship responsibilities will be paid for by IARPC.

Fellowship Description and Responsibilities

Professional development is the top priority of the Fellowship program. IARPC welcomes fellows who view co-leading an IARPC team as contributing to their careers and who have an interest in interdisciplinary collaboration. IARPC welcomes fellows who want to work as boundary spanners between Indigenous Peoples, communities, and organizations, and the research community. Fellows will be encouraged to co-lead their team in ways that reflect their traditional values and ways of knowing.

Fellows can expect to devote 10 hours a month, on average, to their fellowship responsibilities. Responsibilities include:

  • The same responsibilities as collaboration team/community of practice co-leads:
    • Collaborating with other co-leaders within and across teams
    • Working with other co-leads to organize meetings
    • Co-hosting team meetings
    • Participating in annual planning workshops
    • Participating in annual reporting
  • Additionally, as part of the program,IARPC fellows will develop and implement a joint project of their choosing that advances one or more of the followingIARPC priorities:
    • Developing and strengthening connections between Indigenous and research communities
    • Reinforcing awareness within the research community of the inherent value of Indigenous perspectives in the advancement of Arctic knowledge
    • Working towards building capacity within research communities to prepare for dialogue with Indigenous partners
    • Developing, collecting, and communicating Indigenous priorities: Workshops/meetings with Indigenous academics, researchers, boundary spanners, leaders, and community members to capture relevant Indigenous priorities and how IARPC as a communication tool can be used to fund participation to share those priorities with the broader IARPC community. IARPC Secretariat and IECS will leverage existing connections to facilitate workshops.
  • Other responsibilities specific to the fellowship include:
    • Co-hosting additional meetings relevant to Fellowship goals
    • Meeting with the Indigenous Engagement & Communication Specialist periodically to discuss progress and strategies

IARPC Commitments to Fellows

  • Fellows will receive orientation and guidance from the IARPC Secretariat on navigating IARPC Collaborations and the federal collaborative research process
  • Fellows will receive individual support from the Indigenous Engagement & Communication Specialist as needed
  • Fellows will receive team leader onboard training from the IARPC Secretariat
  • Fellows will receive mentorship from their team co-leaders
  • Fellow will have the opportunity to connect with a variety of scientists, research programs, and federal agencies on issues of importance that overlap with plan priorities
  • The IARPC Secretariat, led by the Indigenous Engagement & Communication Specialist, will support fellows in establishing goals and priorities for the Fellowship
  • The IARPC Secretariat and team co-leaders will support fellows in developing and leading team meetings
  • The IARPC Secretariat will support the development of session proposals or abstracts related to team activities

How to Apply

To apply, send the following to by February 29:

  • Name
  • Personal statement: briefly tell us about yourself and what motivates you (200-300 words)
  • Statement of interest: why you are interested in becoming an IARPC fellow and how being an IARPC fellow might benefit your career (200-300 words)
  • Which collaboration team(s)/communities of practice are of most interest to you
  • Attach a CV or biography that includes, as applicable:
    • Current career status
    • Relevant experience (community leadership, research, academic training, community service)
    • Professional positions
    • Teaching or lecturing experience or similar
    • Supervising, advising, and/or mentoring work
    • Science communication and outreach activities
    • Further qualifications and skills (languages, training relevant for this application)

Selected fellows will be required to sign an agreement with IARPC. If the individual is part of an institution, the fellow’s home institution may enter into an agreement with IARPC on behalf of the fellow.