Draft Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026: Implementation

The draft Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 provides high-level implementation guidance to IARPC and measures of success by which IARPC will hold itself accountable. This plan will be implemented through biennial implementation plans. These plans will include specific objectives and deliverables that  will aim to align federal resources and leverage partnerships with non-federal entities. This two-year implementation cycle will enable more flexibility to adjust for and respond to urgent needs that cannot be predicted. The first biennial implementation plan will come out in summer 2022.

As with the Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021, the 2022-2026 plan will be implemented by four new priority area teams that are open to all interested parties. These teams will direct and coordinate activities to reach the plan goals. They will also ensure that resources are coordinated and that partners collaborate to  address pressing needs.

Existing collaboration teams will coordinate closely with the priority areas teams and will continue to be vital communities of practice. Collaboration teams will be instrumental in implementing the Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 and pursuing other lines of inquiry and action. 

Federal agencies and external partners will also be important to the successful implementation of the Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026. As seen in the diagram below, all parties will come together to ensure that the plan is implemented successfully.

diagram showing that priority area teams will be supported by federal agencies, external partners, and collaboration and foundational activity teams

This image shows a potential set-up for priority area teams, in which they would be made up of representatives from federal agencies, external partners, and collaboration and foundational activity teams.

graphic showing connections between agencies, priority areas, and collaboration and foundational activity teams

This graphic illustrates how federal agencies and departments (left), as well as existing collaboration teams (right), may contribute to each priority area (center).

A preliminary process diagram for the two-year implementation cycle is provided below. There will be multiple opportunities for input, including the current public comment period that closes June 11, 2021, workshops held in early 2022, and throughout the implementation process. Like the Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026, the Biennial Implementation Plan will be written by federal drafting teams.

timeline showing the development process for biennial implementation plans

IARPC is currently considering a process for creating the biennial implementation plans; this is one possible timeline. The purple sections of the spiral indicate steps for biennial implementation plan development while the blue sections indicate implementation itself. During the purple development phases, IARPC will work to solicit and incorporate input from inside and outside the federal government into the biennial implementation plan. Once the biennial implementation plan has been cleared, space and flexibility will remain to add additional objectives and deliverables as they emerge (as indicated by the blue arrows during the October 2022-August 2024 Implementation section). View a larger version of this graphic.

The “Implementation and Metrics” section of the draft Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 provides guidance on the development of biennial implementation plans. IARPC expects that the first biennial implementation plan will be released in summer 2022. Public comments on the Implementation and Metrics section, as well as the rest of the draft plan, closed on June 11, 2021. Comments with attribution and responses will be made publicly available after the comment period has closed.

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