Principles for Conducting Research in the Arctic

The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC), chaired by the National Science Foundation (NSF), has revised the Principles for Conducting Research in the Arctic (and at

The core Principles for Conducting Research in the Arctic are:

  • Be Accountable 
  • Establish Effective Communication 
  • Respect Indigenous Knowledge and Cultures 
  • Build and Sustain Relationships
  • Pursue Responsible Environmental Stewardship

Researchers working in the Arctic have a responsibility to respect local and Indigenous cultures and knowledge and advance stewardship of the Arctic environment. The original principles, released in 1990, have been revised to provide guidelines for the conduct of research, to better align with U.S. Arctic policy, to incorporate the latest advances in research methods, and to reflect expanded research efforts and disciplinary breadth in a rapidly changing Arctic.

A U.S. Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) Principles Revision Working Group prepared these Principles after seeking and receiving diverse input from Federal, State, and local agency representatives, Alaska Native people and organizations, academic organizations and individual researchers through outreach efforts, listening sessions, and two Federal Register open comment periods. 

Citation: Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee. 2018. Principles for Conducting Research in the Arctic. Washington D.C. (

IARPC held a listening session on the Principles for Conducting Research in the Arctic on August 1, 2018.

Data on Comments Received During Federal Register Period:

Members of the Principles Review Working Group:

Sara Bowden IARPC, D.C.; Chris Campbell BOEM, AK; Renee Crain NSF, VA; Roberto Delgado NSF, VA; Tom Hennessy CDC, AK; Martin Jeffries CRREL, NH; Igor KupnikSI-ASC, Washington D.C.; Meredith LaValley IARPC, AK; Cynthia McOliverEPA, D.C.; Candace Nachman NOAA, MD; John Pearce USGS, AK; Cheryl Rosa USARC, AK; Amina Schartup NSF, VA.