Polar Technology Community Forum

Link experts in polar science and technology development to discuss current technological resources for polar research and identify barriers to research and application of technology for problems unique to polar regions.

Scope of activities

The Polar Technology Community (PTC) plans to bring together polar scientists, technology developers, and field technicians from academia, state and federal agencies, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations. This interdisciplinary space provides an opportunity for technical and theoretical exchange on challenges impeding polar research and field operations.  The goal is to cut across disciplinary boundaries to entrain solutions from the computing and tech world to make polar research more impactful and efficient while also potentially harnessing the innovative power of start up culture to quickly create specific solutions for hard problems.

Team leaders

Jonathan Blythe
Environmental Studies Program

Lisa Sheffield Guy
Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (Website)

Mark Seefeldt
University of Colorado - Boulder


A Polar Technology Conference was held in Boulder, CO in March of 2020.  The conference had 80+ in attendance and was organized around the themes of Science Drivers, Power Systems, Instrumentation, Communications, Data Access & Sharing, and Overarching & Integrative Technology.  All conference products such as agenda, presentations, video recordings, and reports can be found at: https://www.arcus.org/logistics/2020-polar-technology.

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