High-Latitude Coastal Remote Sensing Using High-Resolution Sensors

Wes Moses August 23, 2023

We invite abstract submissions to our session on high-latitude remote sensing at the 2024 Ocean Science Meeting. The deadline is fast approaching (13 Sep 2023). The following are some relevant details:

HE006 - High-Latitude Coastal Remote Sensing Using High-Resolution Sensors

Session ID#: 195436

Session Description:

The coastal Arctic Ocean is undergoing significant physical and ecological changes.  Shorelines are continually changing due to coastal erosion caused by thawing permafrost. There has been a continual decrease in multi-year ice extent and an increase in first-year ice extent. Melt ponds on sea ice and landfast ice are increasing in number and volume. Increased sunlight penetration into the water column due to thinning ice cover and influx of nutrients from riverine transport of materials released from thawing permafrost are affecting primary production and causing disruptions to the food chain that lead to changes in migration patterns of organisms at higher trophic levels. The availability of high-resolution data from optical sensors such as the Landsat series, EnMAP, PRISMA, Sentinel-2, and WorldView-2/3, synthetic aperture radar data from commercial sensors such as ICEYE and Capella, and the emergence of autonomous sensing systems provide unique opportunities to monitor key processes affecting the coastal Arctic ecosystem, such as sediment and dissolved matter transport, shoreline erosion, melt pond formation and evolution, sea ice distribution and dynamics, and phytoplankton biomass. We invite presentations of remote sensing studies, especially those involving synergistic use of data from multiple modalities, to monitor these and other processes.

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Wesley J. Moses, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Hisatomo Waga, University of Alaska Fairbanks


Index Terms: 9315 Arctic region

1640 Remote sensing

4207 Arctic and Antarctic oceanography

4217 Coastal processes



Wes Moses and Hisatomo Waga