Call for Participants for a Team Trust in Polar Environments Study

Andres Kaosaar August 8, 2023

An international team of psychology researchers led by a doctoral student Andres Käosaar (University of Central Florida, USA) is looking for study participants who have been to at least one two-week-long polar expedition/mission since June 2021.

The study is in two phases, each taking around 10 minutes (20min total). The second survey will be sent to you a week after filling in the first one. Link to the first survey.

To all the individuals who participate in the study, based on the findings of the study, we send out a final report with lessons learned and practical recommendations for improving teamwork in polar environments.

A more detailed description of the study and its purposes will be found at the beginning of the questionnaire.

We would highly appreciate it if you’d contribute to the study – accessing people working in polar environments is difficult so every individual who fills in the survey is very valuable.

Our study aims to investigate what influences trust between team members in Isolated, Confined, and Extreme (ICE; e.g., teams in polar regions) environments. Since there is not much literature about it in this specific context, the study promises to be an important contribution, thus your help is incredibly valuable. 

We are collecting data from as many different stations, expeditions, and vessels as possible to have a more complete picture of trust in ICE and how to make better teams for those environments.