Arctic Observing Summit 2022 - Food Security Working Group Report Available

Maureen Biermann June 22, 2023

The Food Sovereignty Working Group and the Arctic Observing Summit 2022 Working Group 1 - Food Security has recently released its report: What does it mean to observe for Indigenous food security? Arctic Observing Summit 2022 Workshop Report Working Group 1 – Food Security. AOS 2022 was held in May in Tromsø, Norway.
The Food Sovereignty Working Group grew out of the AOS Food Security Working Group to serve as an independent network of Indigenous scholars, professionals, community members and non-Indigenous allies working towards the elevation of Indigenous peoples, knowledge, and priorities in the research, monitoring, management, and policy of Arctic food security. The group works from numerous homelands across the Arctic and support equitable engagement of its peoples in important conversations and decision-making processes regarding the observing, research, management, and policy efforts that impact Indigenous food security.

The Food Sovereignty Working Group has prepared this report on behalf of the AOS 2022
Working Group 1 - Food Security (the Food Security Working Group). Food security is the frame
and context by which these two working groups have historically approached discussions and
issues of Indigenous and community-driven observing and science activities. The report
reflects eleven breakout sessions that were hosted by Ikaaġun Engagement in association with
the FSWG.
The full AOS 2022 Conference Statement, covering work done by participants across multiple working groups, is also available for download.