Request for applications for co-lead of the Observations Community of Practice

Hazel Shapiro March 29, 2023

IARPC Collaborations is seeking volunteer co-leads for the Observations Community of Practice. @Sandy Starkweather (CIRES) and @Sally McFarlane (DOE) are currently co-leading this team and new co-leads will join this amazing leadership team. We encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply.

The Observations Community of Practice works to connect people around topics of interest and importance in Arctic observing. The community of practice is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion efforts. It is engaged in activities that support a national and international Arctic observing network, including the Arctic Observing Summit and SAON-ROADS process. It will also work with IARPC collaboration teams to pursue their objectives as outlined in the recently released implementation plan for the Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026. Observations Community of Practice co-leaders will interact with IARPC Collaborations team leaders from multiple federal agencies conducting or supporting Arctic research as well as from academic and industry backgrounds.

Co-leader Responsibilities:

Collaboration team leaders have cyclical and ongoing responsibilities that include:

  • Leading Arctic research community and multidisciplinary collaboration team in a thoughtful and inclusive way

  • Regularly communicating and working in a collaborative way with fellow co-leads

  • Acting as a resource and coordinator for team members’ questions and ideas on collaboration team activities

  • Planning team activities for coming year

  • Reaching out to potential speakers for team meetings and working with co-leads and IARPC Secretariat on meeting agendas and announcements

  • Organizing and chairing collaboration team meetings

  • Supporting reporting on collaboration team activities

  • Participating in annual team leader workshops

Co-leads can expect to devote between 6 and 10 hours per month on average to their leadership role. We ask applicants to be prepared to commit to serve at least two years as a co-lead. If there are unforeseen circumstances that require team leaders to step down before two years, we request they help find a replacement in discussion with the other co-leads. All those selected to be co-leads will be trained and onboarded.

To apply:

Please email Hazel ( with the following information by April 30:

  • Brief statement of intent stating why you are applying for a leadership role, what you hope to gain from the leadership experience, and what you want to contribute to the team(s) you would like to lead

  • Up to date resume/CV