Now Available: Witness Community Highlights—March 2023

Betsy Turner-Bogren March 24, 2023

The March 2023 issue of Witness Community Highlights is now available online. This issue includes three articles:
Greenland's Largest Ice Stream Likely to Lose Ice Six Times Faster than Thought, an overview of new findings leading an interdisciplinary team to revise the assessment of the future mass loss of this sector;
Improving the Arctic Observing Network in a Changing Environment: A Report Summary, highlights from a report to Congress on 13 December 2022 describing the need for a sustained Arctic Observing Network; and
Reflections on a Recent Conference Session: Alaskan and Arctic Anthropology Since Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, a discussion of the rapid societal changes in Ukraine and in Chukotka as a result of the war, the related loss of hundreds of Indigenous hunters, reindeer herders, culture, language, and knowledge bearers, and the direct relevance for Arctic social sciences.

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