Alaskan energy data stories and haikus for International Love Data Week 2023

Vanessa Raymond February 17, 2023

Hi all, Alaska Center for Energy and Power just published a blogpost called "Postcards from the Data Edge" from our energy data team on the trials and tribulations (and joys! don't forget the joys) of working with Alaskan and Arctic energy data.

Their data stories and haikus touch upon everything from missing data, to the invisible work of data management, to fostering healthy data sharing relationships through an abundance of caution and empathy. We match their observations about working with data with quotes from leading data ethicists and thinkers such as big data and AI ethicist Kate Crawford and data artist Mimi Onuoha.

Wanted to share with all the data management minded-people on here because let me tell you, it is a *very* cathartic read to hear people speak about how doing this work day-in and day-out feels, and the truly complex challenges they are facing.

big shout out to Kelsey Aho for joining our data haiku writing session.