Request for comment from Instream Flow Council and American Fisheries Society

Benjamin Jones January 17, 2023

The Instream Flow Council (IFC) and American Fisheries Society (AFS) are advancing their plans for an international "Instream Flow and Water Level Conservation Center" and are announcing their request for all parties in water resources community to review and comment on their Draft feasibility assessment plan.

   - Note: request for replying using online form by Feb 6, 2023

Background: "Our goal is to cast as wide a water stakeholder net as possible to alert all types and categories of water management, user, research, science, legislative, legal, academic institution,  and other related water stakeholder interests of this public review opportunity, especially if they have a role in, or are potentially impacted by instream flow and water level conservation outcomes."

This will be of interest in all involved in arctic hydrologic, fisheries and wildlife research and related policies addressing water use and conservation.