New Report on the Need to Establish and Maintain a Sustained Arctic Observing Network

Larry Hinzman December 13, 2022

IARPC and the United States Arctic Observing Network (U.S. AON) Board are pleased to share our report to Congress describing the need for a sustained Arctic observing network. This report recommends a focus on:

  • Support for coordinated, integrated, and sustained critical observations and infrastructure
  • Development of a shared data management system that is open, easily discoverable, accessible, and usable across observing networks
  • Prioritization of human and technological capacity building
  • Closure of observational gaps in marine, cryospheric, terrestrial, atmospheric, and social systems for decision-making on climate resilience and national security.

The report calls for an implementation plan to outline agency responsibilities for coordination, governance, and management of a sustained Arctic observing network. It recognizes that developing and implementing a sustained U.S. Arctic Observing Network must advance the capacity for equitable engagement of Indigenous communities and Indigenous Knowledge, as appropriate, in its design and development.

Thank you to all of the federal drafters who wrote and informed this report.