Climate Change and Inuit Food Sovereignty

Carolina Behe August 29, 2022

New Policy Paper on Climate Change and Inuit Food Sovereignty -

"In 2020, the Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska (ICC Alaska) published the Food Sovereignty and Self- Governance: Inuit Role in Managing Arctic Marine Resources report. The report examines Inuit management and co-management practices and approaches to distill lessons that can apply across geographic boundaries. The 144-page report is co-authored by Inuit from Alaska and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) of Canada. Numerous meetings, focus groups, and workshops were held to inform the development of the report. The discussion was framed through the lens of co-management bodies related to four case studies: beluga and char in the ISR and salmon and walrus in Alaska. However, the discussion takes a much broader holistic view across all that makes up the Arctic within these areas of Inuit homelands."

"Inuit are on the forefront of the rapid changes occurring within the Arctic and hold thousands of years of proven sustainable management practices, the holistic understanding, and innovative solutions needed to better understand these changes and to adapt. There is a need to move toward putting Inuit knowledge, voices, approaches, and authority and the forefront of discussions and decisions to support the adaptive and holistic approaches and decision-making needed in today’s rapidly changing environment."

Read the full policy paper here -