AGU Session Call for Abstracts: B059. The Resilience and Vulnerability of Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems to Climate Change

Elizabeth Hoy July 13, 2022

Please consider submitting an abstract to this Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems-focused AGU session:

Session Title: B059. The Resilience and Vulnerability of Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems to Climate Change  Section: Biogeosciences 

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Session Description: Climate change is unfolding faster in the high northern latitudes than anywhere else on Earth. These changes are impacting ecological processes directly, through warmer temperatures and changing precipitation, and indirectly, though increasing frequency of climate-driven disturbances such as wildfire, outbreaks of pests and pathogens, and permafrost thaw. Although some ecosystems are resistant or resilient to these changes, many are shifting to new states, altering the function of the Arctic-boreal region. This session invites contributions in terrestrial ecology and carbon cycle science that provide conceptual, regional, or global insights into the resilience and vulnerability of the Arctic-boreal region, including its wildlife and ecosystem services, to changing climate. Contributions may address any geographic area of this region. We welcome studies that use in situ, airborne, and satellite remote sensing observations, and models, or some combination thereof, to conceptualize, detect, predict or forecast the changing function of this region in the earth system.


LizHoy (NASAGSFC/GST, Inc.)Michelle Mack (Center for Ecosystem Science and Society, Northern Arizona University)AbhishekChatterjee (JPL)

Natalie Boelman (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University)

Reminder – Abstracts due August 3rd!

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