Draft for Comment - NSF Proposal Manual Includes Changes for Field Projects

Renee Crain (Wagner) April 19, 2022

NSF published a notice in the Federal Register announcing the availability of a “For comment” draft of the Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 23-1). NSF is soliciting comments on the draft PAPPG until cob June 13, 2022. To facilitate review, revised text has been highlighted in yellow throughout the document and explanatory comments have been included in the margins, where appropriate.  

A notable change is a required supplementary document, "Plan for Safe and Inclusive Field/Vessel/Aircraft Research (PSI-FVAR)," for proposals to NSF that include fieldwork. Please use this opportunity to review the draft changes to the PAPPG and provide comments through the federal register process. 

Any questions should be directed to the Policy Office at policy@nsf.gov. 

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