Reminder: National Academies workshop: Technologies for Antarctic Research [May 3-5]

Allen Pope April 18, 2022

Dear Colleagues,   The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine invites you to join a workshop on “Technology Developments to Advance Antarctic Research”. This event will be held online, on May 3, 4, 5 (noon4:00 pm EDT each day).   [details here: ]

The goal of this event is to foster community-wide discussion about cutting-edge technological innovations that can advance and possibly transform Antarctic and polar research;  that can increase the reach of Antarctic/polar research while reducing the environmental footprint of these operations;  and that can facilitate broader, more diverse participation in Antarctic/polar research.   While focused primarily on Antarctic science, we will explore lessons/solutions from Arctic science as well—and we actively seek to draw insights from scientists and engineers working outside of polar research.  You are encouraged to join us for this exciting event.  Register here:  


In addition, as input to this workshop, we invite your creative ideas regarding  existing or possible new technologies that hold potential to advance Antarctic/polar research, but have not yet been fully applied for this purpose.  Deadline to submit input is April 20.   [You do not have to register for the workshop to submit ideas.]     Submit ideas here: 

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