New Report to Congress Reflects on the Successes of the Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021

Larry Hinzman March 11, 2022

IARPC Collaborations community,

On behalf of IARPC and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, I am excited to share a new report reflecting on the research and collaborations achieved under the recently completed Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021.

This report serves as IARPC’s biennial report to Congress, and highlights just a few of the many achievements of this community over the past five years. To write this report, we reached out to collaboration teams and federal agencies and asked for just a few sentences on what their best, most exciting achievements were. We got over 60 pages of responses. What you see in this report is a fraction of those 60 pages, and those 60 pages themselves are just a subset of the total influence IARPC and IARPC Collaborations have had over the last five years.

In addition to this report, IARPC held three webinars highlighting some of the achievements of the past five years: webinars on observing, applying research to human needs, and modeling.

Over the past five years, federal agencies and collaboration team members working with IARPC quantified the Arctic system through observations, built deeper understanding of Arctic processes, created models that reduce uncertainty about future change, and strengthened human resilience through relationships and applied research. IARPC Collaborations has enabled more accomplishments on an accelerated timeline by fostering collaborations among Federal and non-federal researchers.

We are grateful to all of you who have contributed to IARPC’s work and made the Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021 a success.

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