Navigating the New Arctic Community Office Early Career Research Advisory Board Seat

Jenna Vater March 7, 2022

The work of the Navigating the New Arctic Community Office (NNA-CO) is guided by two advisory boards—a Research Advisory Board and an Indigenous Advisory Board. We invite nominations and self-nominations for an early career (< 8 years since terminal degree) NNA researcher to serve on our Research Advisory Board. The Research Advisory Board provides overall strategic guidance for the NNA-CO’s plans and activities to support the NNA Community. In addition, the board: (1) identifies and advises on strategic engagement opportunities with the broader research community, decision-makers and policymakers, and other local, state, Tribal, national, and international partners; and (2) advises on how the NNA-CO supports research collaborations and synthesis.

Board members will be asked to serve a two-year term and participate in at least three board meetings each year, one of which will coincide with the NNA community annual meeting.

Please submit your nomination(s) and/or self-nomination by completing the nomination form by April 1, 2022.

Selection for the early career researcher board member will take place later this spring. We aim to build a Research Advisory Board that represents a diverse community by considering the following criteria for nominations:
---Knowledge, background, and expertise
---Geography of represented NNA research
---Gender identity
---Ethnic and racial identity

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