Coastal Resilience Collaboration Team Announces New Leadership

Meredith LaValley November 29, 2021

Coastal Resilience Collaboration Team Announces New Leadership

We are happy to introduce two new team leaders for the Coastal Resilience Collaboration Team (CRCT). Learn more about them below!

@Christina Bonsell - I am a marine ecologist with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. I have 8 years of experience conducting and coordinating research in the Arctic, including studies on Arctic kelp beds and Beaufort Sea lagoons. Additionally, I have experience in planning and implementing community engagement and K-12 outreach activities on the North Slope. These days, outside of work, you can find me trying to not fall down while learning how to ski.

@Tahzay Jones - I study coastal ecology and lead the National Park Service Oceans and Coastal Program. I have 15 years monitoring program development and implementation planning, co-authored the Arctic lagoon monitoring protocol for the NPS Inventory and Monitoring program, and am currently conducting studies on nearshore coastal systems in Alaska's northwest Arctic. I also represent the US as a co-chair on the CAFF-CBMP-Coastal Steering Group (Arctic Council).

Please join us in welcoming Christina and Tahzay!

We would also like to thank @John Pearce and @Colleen Strawhacker for their excellent leadership of the CRCT over the last several years. They worked to develop an inclusive community of practice that explored progressive ideas around coastal resilience research.

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