National Weather Service Alaska Sea Ice Program is Hiring a new Sea Ice Analyst

Becki Heim October 13, 2021

The NWS Alaska Sea Ice Program (ASIP) is expanding the staff to hire a new Sea Ice Analyst to the team.

Link to apply:

The job is opens Oct 13, 2021 and closes at midnight east coast time on Oct 28, 2021

This is a GS-9 to GS-12 position - salary range of $59,756 to $112,659 per year

The job is located in Anchorage, Alaska and applicants must be U.S. citizens as this is a federal job.

As a Sea Ice Specialist, you will perform the following duties:

  • Act as local expert in sea ice and sea surface temperature analysis and forecasting and provide consultation services to the users of ice products and services, ensuring customers and stakeholders are contacted to determine effectiveness of the sea ice and sea surface temperature program.
  • Assist in the development of new techniques, primarily for sea-ice/sea-surface temperature analysis and forecasting and in the delivery of services to partners and users.
  • Perform and provide Impact-Based Decision Support (IDSS) to a variety of deep core partners and stakeholders. (i.e., sea ice and sea surface temperature analysis and forecasting).

If you have questions about the position, you are welcome to reach out to


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