Water, sanitation, and hygiene inequities in high-income countries

Kaitlin Mattos September 21, 2021

You might be interested in a paper recently published in the Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) for Development by a group of professionals who work on water, sanitation and hygiene challenges in high-income countries. Specifically, we are trying to understand and eliminate inequities in access to water and sanitation services to reach Sustainable Development Goal 6 -- "water and sanitation for all". This paper was the result of a working group meeting held at the UNC Water and Health Conference in 2020 and has resulted in a substantial network being formed between interdisciplinary academics, practitioners, and community advocates in North America, Australia, and Europe, including the Arctic.

The paper is open access, so please share it widely with anyone you think would be interested! https://iwaponline.com/washdev/article/11/5/849/83236/Reaching-those-left-behind-knowledge-gaps

This publication was the beginning of our collaborations, and we are excited to have two back-to-back sessions at the UNC Water and Health Conference this year highlighting community voices and examining the policy challenges for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6 (access to water and sanitation for all) in high-income countries. The UNC Water and Health conference is free and virtual this year, so please consider attending! More information and registration is available here: https://waterinstitute.unc.edu/conferences/2021wh. The two sessions I mentioned are at 9am (plenary) and 10:45am (side session) Eastern time on Thursday, October 7th.

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