Outcomes of the Third Arctic Science Ministerial

Larry Hinzman September 13, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past two years, there was an extensive effort by the organizers of the Third Arctic Science Ministerial to solicit input from the broader research community, policy makers, and concerned public on the most urgent research needs and actionable operations that should be implemented in the near future.  I personally believe the Icelandic and Japanese hosts, as well as the international steering committee did a wonderful job synthesizing all of the input they received to produce very good guidance for national priorities and international collaborations. 

There were some excellent recommendations that came out of the Third Arctic Science Ministerial held in May 2021.  I would ask all of our IARPC Collaborations Team Members to ensure these recommendations were implemented.    Please see https://asm3.org/library/Files/ASM3_Joint_Statement.pdf  and  https://asm3.org/library/Files/ASM3_Final_Report.pdf and consider how we might best address these priorities.

Larry Hinzman

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