New paper: Unpaid work in marine science

Anna Osiecka August 23, 2021

Dear all,

I am leading a small research effort dedicated to understanding the situation of early-career marine researchers and conservationists. As a part of it, we have looked at the world early-career job market in marine science and conservation to understand what work is offered, and by whom. We are happy to share our findings, also summarised in a simple infographic included in the paper.
Few jobs pay, many request a fee, most are in the global North. People deserve to be paid. We have a lot to change. While this is not specific to polar research, I believe it might be of interest to many.
There is quite some discussion in the marine field regarding unpaid labour, and we hope there is a way out of this to a more inclusive and less abusive situation. I am just the happiest to contribute our tiny bit to this change for the better .

The publication is OA and accessible via the link below. I also attach a second summary infographic, which isn't included in the paper.



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