Postdoc Position: High Latitude Modeling and Analysis

Hailong Wang July 20, 2021

The Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Division at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) seeks a postdoctoral research associate to improve understanding and modeling of atmosphere-ice-ocean interactions, climate feedbacks, and their impact on polar amplification and global change. The successful candidate will perform analysis of observations and conduct modeling experiments using global or regional climate models to investigate processes that influence poleward transport and high-latitude systems. Expertise in modeling and analysis (including statistical and Machine Learning methods) relevant to atmospheric transport, clouds, precipitation, and climate dynamics is desired. A successful candidate will join an interdisciplinary team of researchers with a broad range of interests and expertise, working on the High-Latitude Application and Testing of Earth System Models (HiLAT) project funded by US Department of Energy.

To learn more about and/or apply for this position, please go to questions regarding this position or HiLAT project, please contact Hailong Wang (

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