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William Manley July 18, 2021

Dear IARPC Members:

Want to showcase your network?  And to have your organization included in an inventory and synthesis of polar monitoring and observing efforts?

If so, please fill out a short survey form, linked below, as coordinated by the EU-PolarNet initiative.  Your input will help guide the direction of a summary report, as well as provide a foundation for:  continued integration among polar observing systems, improved access to observational data, and progress toward common goals.  

To be comprehensive, responses are especially encouraged from US, Canadian, and all observational systems active in the polar regions.

FYI, the upcoming deliverable from EU-PolarNet will be complementary and synergistic with ongoing tasks by IARPC, as well as the RNA CoObs activity and the SAON Polar Observing Assets Working Group.

The deadline is August 1st.  Please fill out the form for your own organization, and spread the word widely.

Thank You,


Survey on Polar Observing Assets

The diverse and distributed nature of observing systems in polar regions presents a fundamental challenge for assessment, planning, integration, and synthesis. There is an interest in creating overviews of these systems, since this, among other things, will allow more efficient use of facilities and allow for the understanding of where gaps in observation capacities exist. There is an interest in knowing answers to questions like “Who is going where? When are they going? What will they observe? What observing equipment will they have there? Who is responsible for organizing logistics?”, etc.

The purpose of this survey is to seek to create an overview of existing sources of information on polar observing facilities, systems and activities. This will allow the definition of procedures that can access these sources and compile the information from the various sources. 

The survey is circulated to representatives from institutions, countries, initiatives and organisations that have an interest in polar observing, and it will seek to establish whether this information is already being coordinated and what interest there is in (further) developing the coordination of information about observing assets. The preamble of the survey emphasises the relationship with EU-PolarNet, but the we are encouraging all institutions, countries, initiatives and organisations (also outside Europe) to complete the survey. The resulting report will have a wider scope. 

It should take no more than 10 min to complete the survey, and I should kindly ask you to do it by 1st August. 

Link to survey:

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