Call for AGU Abstracts: Merging the Arctic Ocean into the global late Quaternary climate system

Laura Gemery July 18, 2021

Dear colleagues,

While the Arctic Ocean is known to influence global climate, there is still many unresolved questions regarding the importance of different drivers and feedbacks. A mechanistic understanding of the interactions between ocean, atmosphere and land is needed but also better controls on of the variability of the heat and salt exchange between the Arctic and the other oceans is crucial to unravel the role of the Arctic Ocean on global climate. If your work in the fields of paleoceanography, chronostratigraphy, geochemistry and/or modelling addresses this broad research area, we invite you to contribute to the American Geophysical Union (AGU) session.

PP018 - Merging the Arctic Ocean into the global late Quaternary climate system(

Conveners: Christelle Not (University of Hong Kong), Robert Poirier (USGS) and Laura Gemery (USGS)

Confirmed invited speaker: Martin Jakobsson, Stockholm University

The AGU 2021 Fall Meeting that will take place 13-17 December 2021 in New Orleans, Louisiana and online. ( The deadline for abstract submissions is Sunday, 4 August 2021. To submit an abstract, please see:

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