U.S. Forum for the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Community of Practice

The U.S. delegation to IASC aims to increase two-way communication with the US Arctic research community through IARPC Collaborations.

Scope of Activities

IASC is a nongovernmental scientific organization established to encourage and facilitate international consultation and cooperation in all aspects of arctic research, in all countries engaged in arctic research, and in all areas of the arctic region. The mission is to encourage, facilitate, and promote basic and applied interdisciplinary research in or concerned with the Arctic at a circumarctic or international level and to provide scientific advice on arctic issues. IASC is multidisciplinary, covering the full range of natural and social sciences. Working Groups, composed of representatives appointed by their countries to cover specific disciplinary issues, provide the main forums for developing IASC scientific programs and activities. 

Team Leaders

Matthew Druckenmiller
International Arctic Science Committee (Website)

Andrey N Petrov
ARCTICenter, University of Northern Iowa (Website)

Deliverables from the Arctic Research Plan


The U.S. delegation to IASC aims to increase two-way communication with the US Arctic research community through the use of the IARPC Collaborations website. To access the forum and contribute to IASC updates, documents, and events, please request an account on our member space.

IASC Vice President

Dr. Matthew Druckenmiller, University of Colorado Boulder


Dr. Matthew Druckenmiller, University of Colorado Boulder 

Alternate: Dr. Andrey Petrov, University of Northern Iowa

Terrestrial Working Group

Dr. Michelle Mack, Northern Arizona University

Dr. Craig Tweedie, University of Texas at El Paso

Cryosphere Working Group

Dr. Robert Hawley, Dartmouth College

Dr. Malinda Webster, University of Washington

Marine Working Group

Dr. Karen Frey, Clark University

Dr. Lauren Juranek, Oregon State University

Atmosphere Working Group

Dr. Muyin Wang, University of Washington

Dr. Gijs de Boer, University of Colorado and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Social and Human Working Group

Dr. Lawrence Hamilton, University of New Hampshire

Dr. Victoria Herrmann, The Arctic Institute