Modeling Sub-team

Enhancing understanding of the integrated Arctic system through the use of regional and global earth system models.

Scope of activities

The Modeling Community of Practice was created under the Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021 to enhance understanding of the integrated Arctic system through the use of regional and global Earth system models. It continues to meet and contribute to the goals and objectives of the Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026.

Team leaders

Renu Joseph

Richard Cullather
NASA (Website)

Wilbert Weijer
Los Alamos National Laboratory (Website)

Performance elements from the Arctic research plan


Under the 2017-2021 Arctic Research Plan, the Modeling Community of Practice:

  • Supported, coordinated, and shared research to advance understanding of the connections between the Arctic and mid-latitude weather patterns; between Arctic and global ocean circulation; and feedbacks and interactions within Arctic processes.
  • Provided a platform for U.S. modeling centers to discuss their efforts in the Arctic with the wider research community.
  • Supported communication about climate models that have regional grid refinement capabilities.
  • Highlighted and supported efforts by the model development community to better represent high-latitude processes in Earth system models.
  • Commissioned and completed a white paper to examine methods for improving Arctic atmospheric reanalyses, which led to the creation of the Arctic System Reanalyses Version 2.
  • Worked across disciplinary collaboration teams to consider disciplinary-specific challenges for relevant models.

For a full summary of the Modeling Community of Practice’s accomplishments under the 2017-2021 Arctic Research Plan, see the 2021 Performance Element Summary Statements.