Early Career Community of Practice

A collaboration space for anyone wishing to connect with the early career community. This community encourages sharing information, news, and events relevant to early career development and to foster connections within the Arctic sciences.

Scope of Activities

To provide a forum and collaboration space where those who actively identify as “early career” can connect with the broader research community and share opportunities and announcements within the community. The US National Committee of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (USAPECS), is an example of an engaged network of early career researchers and Arctic stakeholders that are connected primarily through announcements via email listservs, social media and meetups/panels at conferences. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to know who this community is, find ways to connect, and reach new members. Therefore, an interactive tool to connect is needed. IARPC provides a platform for maintaining a profile that allows others to find you, collaborate on topics of interest, and share information. This team would also allow the opportunity to expand the USAPECS network beyond traditional earth sciences, to include social scientists and Indigenous community members, and to facilitate and inclusive path for the USAPECS community and early career scientists to participate in the work of IARPC and the broader research community.


  • Enhance the work of USAPECS and early career individuals engaged in Arctic issues by connecting them to the broader Arctic research community through the tools available within IARPC Collaborations
  • Provide a pipeline for early career scientists to get involved with IARPC 
  • Share conferences and events, funding opportunities, training and workshops with the community
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in Arctic science and research 
  • Allow the established Arctic community a means to engage with early career professionals

Team Leaders

Angela Bliss
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Alex Taitt
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Katy Smith

Samantha Halstead Santez
NASA Goddard Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory

Deliverables from the Arctic Research Plan

PILR 2 Engage Arctic communities and individuals in research in a way that is meaningful to them.

  • PILR 2.5 Hold interagency meetings/workshops to identify mechanisms for Federal agencies to effectively communicate science plans and findings among themselves and with communities.