Diversity & Inclusion Working Group

Recognizing the value of diversity and inclusiveness in Arctic science, this team encourages open conversations on how to increase inclusion and equity in scientific research to enhance problem solving and improve innovative solutions.

Scope of activities

The Arctic research community has recently benefited from discussions on women's perspectives in polar research (including a panel discussion at POLAR 2018 in Davos, Switzerland and an event that was more Arctic-focused at University of the Arctic Congress (http://www.genderisnotplanb.com/). However, these events identified a need to continue discussions on inclusion and diversity in Arctic sciences and improve equity in participation in research. No clear forum exists for these discussions to continue. IARPC has developed a platform to encourage dialogue on these issues and a self-forming group can help to keep conversations on these issues timely and relevant. This team recognizes that mere diversity of membership does not mean all participants are able to engage equitably, and will strive for inclusivity within the team as well as openness to engaging with different forums where these conversations may be taking place.


  • Share resources on articles and best practices for improving inclusion and diversity in Arctic research/ field work
  • Engage in conversations to develop a group-led effort for a Women of the Arctic Wikipedia page (a counterpart to an existing Wikipedia resource for women in the Antarctic)
  • Provide a virtual meeting space for members to talk and identify opportunities to network, find mentors, and make progress on creating inclusive and diverse research environments.
  • Promote discussion on equity in Arctic research that addresses indigenous participation, gender equity, support for women and minorities, in a forum that also encourages participation from men in the research community 

Team leaders

Olivia Lee
University of Alaska Fairbanks (Website)

Colleen Strawhacker
National Science Foundation (Website)


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