Deliverable Reporting Guide for Members of IARPC Collaborations

This page is for anyone who wishes to report on an Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026 implementation deliverable. It gives an overview of the Arctic Research Plan Implementation reporting process. If you are the leader of an IARPC Collaborations collaboration team or community of practice, information on your reporting process is here.

Members of the IARPC Collaborations community may report on actions they have taken that support deliverables at any time. Tagging your work with a deliverable ensures that your work is recognized by federal agencies and other Arctic research entities. Your reports also help IARPC team leaders and the IARPC Secretariat track progress toward the implementation of the Arctic research plan.

You can view all the deliverables by reading the Biennial Implementation Plan 2022-2024 or visiting the Deliverables section of IARPC Collaborations.

For questions on reporting please contact Sorina Stalla, IARPC Implementation Director (

What should I report?

Please report anything that supports progress toward one or more deliverables. It does not have to be an official IARPC event or produce. Examples of things that might be reported on include:

  • A meeting, webinar, or workshop you held or are holding
  • A paper you or a colleague have published
  • A product produced to communicate research findings
  • A new relationship established
  • New data products produced (this could include maps, models, etc.)
  • Information or collaborative efforts from relevant conferences or workshops
  • Progress/updates on a relevant project or program

How to Tag a Post with a Deliverable

To capture your activities that have supported one or more deliverables, make a post on IARPC Collaborations and tag those deliverables.

Step 1: From the IARPC Collaborations homepage, select “Post Update,” “Upload Document,” or “Schedule Event.” (Not sure which one to choose? Check out the FAQ.)

screenshot of the website homepage with a box that says

Step 2: Include the relevant deliverable(s) in your post. Fill out the text of the post, including a title, relevant topics, teams (most likely your community of practice and the collaboration team responsible for the deliverable you are tagging), and a brief description. In the deliverables field, type in the number or a key phrase from the relevant deliverable.

You can also tag more than one deliverable.