3.3 Support collaborative networks of researchers to advance knowledge, understanding, and prediction of the sea ice system.

Sea ice research is a diverse field of inquiry. It occurs across multiple spatial and temporal scales, from individual ice crystals and brine pockets to ice floes to ocean basins, and from minutes to years to decades. Sea ice researchers represent many disciplines (e.g., mathematics, physics, geosciences, biological sciences) and use multiple tools and methods (e.g., laboratory investigations, in situ and remote observations, process studies, computer models). The sea ice research community is distributed across multiple sectors (e.g., academe, government, NGOs, private sector) and countries. Collaborative networks will harness such diversity by fostering cooperation and coordination across disciplinary, organizational, and geographic boundaries to advance knowledge, understanding, and prediction of the sea ice system.

Performance elements from the Arctic research plan

  • 3.3.1 Support the Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) Sea Ice Action Team to synthesize the results of multiple agencies’ and other stakeholders’ investments in sea ice observations and process studies and communicate results, information, and the societal implications of sea ice change to broader audiences
  • 3.3.2 Support a collaborative network of scientists and stakeholders to advance research on sea ice predictability and prediction at a variety of time and space scales and communicate new knowledge, understanding, and tools to broader audiences.

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