IARPC would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Federal writing team, and thank them for their extensive outreach to Federal agencies, particularly in Alaska, as well as soliciting input from the State of Alaska, and local, Indigenous and academic collaborators. The writing team is Rebecca Anderson (USGS), Guillermo Auad (BOEM), Andrew Balser (USACE), Joe Casas (NASA), Roberto Delgado (NIMH), John G. Dennis (NPS), Scott Harper (ONR), Tom Hennessy (CDC), Amy Holman (NOAA), Martin O. Jeffries (OSTP), Benjamin Jones (USGS), Renu Joseph (DOE), Eric Kasischke (NASA), Rachel Loehman (USGS), Jeremy T. Mathis (NOAA), Allison McComiskey (NOAA), Diane McKnight (NSF), Walter N. Meier (NASA), April Melvin (AAAS-EPA), Sue Moore (NOAA), Candace Nachman (NOAA), Cheryl Rosa (USARC), Sandy Starkweather (NOAA), Simon Stephenson (NSF), Jason J. Taylor (BLM Alaska), Vanessa von Biela (USGS), Charles E. Webb (NASA), Ashley Williamson (DOE), and Wm. J. Wiseman, Jr. (NSF). IARPC also thanks Kip Rithner for her careful editing of the Plan. IARPC would also like to acknowledge the contribution of the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS) for its help in organizing two scoping workshops with IARPC outside collaborators, and their role in supporting the IARPC Secretariat. IARPC would like to thank the current IARPC Executive Director, Martin Jeffries, and two former Executive Directors, Simon Stephenson and Michael Kuperberg, who have contributed to shaping this plan; the IARPC Senior Scientist, Sandy Starkweather, for leading the development of this plan; and the IARPC Secretariat: Sara Bowden, Jessica Rohde and Meredith LaValley for their continued support of the IARPC effort. Finally, IARPC would like to express its appreciation to NSF for its financial support and to NOAA for its in-kind support of the IARPC Secretariat.

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