New website for the Forum for Arctic Modeling and Observational Synthesis (FAMOS)

August 1, 2017
By Jessica Rohde

The new FAMOS (Forum for Arctic Modeling and Observational Synthesis) website has been tested and used since December 2016. It was modeled after this very website, IARPC Collaborations!

This second project website (in addition to was designed to encourage active and fast coordination of FAMOS research studies via virtual meetings and online discussions. The new website has a public domain to provide general information about the projects and outreach activities, while the internal site serves to satisfy the needs of registered project participants. The internal domain of the website also provides information about current activities, discussions, plans, and meetings.

FAMOS is an international effort of marine and sea ice modelers, theoreticians and observationalists focused on Arctic Ocean multidisciplinary research. It is based on a set of activities starting from generating hypotheses, to planning research included both observations and modeling, and to finalizing analyses synthesizing major results from the field studies and coordinated numerical experiments.

There are currently eleven FAMOS working groups covering different scientific themes, namely:

  • Accumulation and Release of Freshwater,
  • Arctic Climate Response Functions,
  • Atlantic Water,
  • FAMOS for YOPP,
  • Gyres,
  • Mixing,
  • Pan-Arctic Upwelling Survey,
  • Arctic Eddies,
  • Biogeochemical Modeling and Observations,
  • Cascading,
  • Sea Ice.

These teams are open to scientific contributors. If you would like to get involved, please visit the new online collaboration website, request an account, identify your areas of expertise and join the FAMOS community!

Note that the 2017 Annual FAMOS School and Meeting are scheduled for October 24-27, 2017. Registration for these events is open until August 15that:

Posted by Jessica Rohde on behalf of Amélie Bouchat, FAMOS

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