Systematic Improvements to Reanalyses in the Arctic (SIRTA) White Paper Now Available

August 30, 2016
By Jessica Rohde

This white paper on atmospheric reanalyses, with a focus on issues related to Arctic reanalyses, was requested in May 2015 by the IARPC Principals. The IARPC (Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee) Staff Group subsequently asked NASA and NOAA, the two agencies which requested the formation of the working group, to appoint individuals with expertise in the area of reanalyses to co-lead an IARPC Collaborations working group. The working group held four open meetings for the community to share ideas and provide input to the white paper. An online town hall was also convened for final community comment prior to completion of the white paper.

The white paper serves several purposes. It explains the importance of reanalyses to Arctic research; it indicates how researchers can make their data more readily useful when future reanalyses are generated; and it describe some of the strengths and weaknesses in reanalyses for potential Arctic-related users. 

To access the final white paper, click here.

Posted by Jessica Rohde on behalf of Sara Bowden, IARPC

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