Request for Public Comment on the Draft Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021

July 26, 2016
By Sandy Starkweather

Developed in consultation with the State of Alaska, residents of the Arctic, the private sector, academia, and public interest groups, Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021 (“the Plan”) will be published by the Office of Science and Technology Policy in late 2016. It describes research goals where an interagency approach can accelerate progress. 

We invite public comment on the Plan between July 26 and August 21 at Chapter authors will be available to answer questions during an informational webinar on August 3 at 3pm EDT (connect online at

The Plan identifies critical areas where the U.S. Arctic research enterprise supports U.S. policy from community to global scales. The Plan includes four Policy Drivers, issues of national importance requiring research to address:

  1. Enhance the well-being of Arctic residents
  2. Advance stewardship of the Arctic environment
  3. Strengthen national and regional security
  4. Improve understanding of the Arctic as a component of planet Earth

The Plan structure includes nine Research Goals, broad topics identified by IARPC as points where the interagency approach can accelerate progress. The goals are supported by Research Objectives, or specific sets of tasks that support one or more Research Goals. The following video describes several examples of Research Goals linked by cross-cutting Research Objectives.

Linking Research Across the Arctic System

Supporting U.S. Arctic Policy Through Research

IARPC envisions a prosperous, sustainable and healthy Arctic understood through research coordinated among Federal agencies and domestic and international collaborators. We invite public comment on the Plan between July 26 and August 21 at review.globalchange.govChapter authors will be available to answer questions during an informational webinar on August 3

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