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July 11, 2016
By Jessica Rohde

If you are involved in an AGU session that you think would be of interest to the IARPC community, we encourage you to request an account on our member space and post your session as an event. By posting your session as an event, it will be included on our calendar and email digest, which is delivered every week to our over 900 members. 

With an account, you can view all AGU sessions in detail under the topic tag "AGU 2016." They include:

  • Links between Arctic Low Clouds and their Environment: Current Gaps and Future Directions (A068) 
  • Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon to Climate Change (B096)
  • Observations for improving Polar weather and climate predictions (A081)
  • The resilience and vulnerability of Arctic and boreal ecosystems to climate change (B083)
  • Integrating Observations and Models to Better Understand a Changing Arctic Sea Ice Cover (C010)
  • Mapping and Monitoring Arctic Coastal Dynamics (EP025)
  • Sustained observations of rapid Arctic change: Scientific and technological advances, observing system design and implementation, findings from long-term observations (GC064)
  • Permafrost degradation and its interrelations with physical, socio-ecological, and socio-economical processes (GC053)
  • Scenario Approaches to Understand Arctic Futures (GC061)
  • Big Data Analytics (IN008)
  • Arctic Environmental Change: Local, Regional, Global Drivers and Impacts (GC016)
  • Anthrogeoscience: Rising to The Challenge of Integrating “Those Pesky Humans” in Earth System Models (OS001)

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