IARPC Secretariat Travels to Alaska Seeking Input on Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021

May 19, 2016
By Jessica Rohde

Alaskans across government, university and organizational structures are key leaders and partners for IARPC.  Many Alaskans participate in IARPC Collaborations and have already been contributing ideas to IARPC's next 5-Year Plan for Arctic research.  With writing fully underway for our next Plan, a trip to Alaska was in order to brief more partners and calibrate our direction with the "boots on the ground".  Martin Jeffries, IARPC's new Executive Director and IARPC Senior Scientist Sandy Starkweather spent a week visiting with state leaders and entities in Anchorage and Barrow.  We learned much during the week about the critical need to understand broad determinants to health and well-being, especially for rural Alaskans and the role of "Environmental Intelligence" for decision support.  IARPC's new focus on Coastal issues was well-received and meshed with common themes of "cumulative impacts" and inter-connected system issues echoed across partners.  The state's plan for Science and Technology "To Build a Fire" provides an excellent road map for Federal agencies to consider how they can play a role in sparking and fueling a vital Alaskan research environment.  Thanks to all our hosts for sharing their missions and visions for Alaska future. 

Sandy Starkweather shared thoughts and pictures along the way via twitter; check out the archive below!

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