Arctic Observing Summit Conference Statement Released

April 7, 2016
By Jessica Rohde

Last month in Fairbanks, Alaska, at the 3rd Biennial Arctic Observing Summit, over 450 delegates, from 30 countries, representing a broad spectrum of the scientific community, Indigenous peoples, representatives of the private sector, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the Arctic Council came together to develop a pathway toward the implementation of an internationally supported, pan-Arctic observing system that is considerate of and responsive to both local and global needs.

In the Final Conference Statement, Summit participants make seven major recommendations towards developing and implementing a sustained observing system that supports decision-making in response to rapid Arctic change. Read the full statement here.

A press release by the University of Alaska Fairbanks and a brief summary at the International Arctic Research Center provide more background information:

Videos of all plenary presentations at the AOS and the International Arctic Assembly Day, as well as news briefings, have been archived and are accessible at: 

Posted by Jessica Rohde on behalf of Hajo Eicken, University of Alaksa Fairbanks

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