Summary and Slides from a Successful IARPC Town Hall at AGU 2015

December 22, 2015
By Jessica Rohde

The successful IARPC Town Hall at the AGU 2015 Annual Meeting attracted 86 participants from the Arctic research community. Moderated by Sandy Starkweather, IARPC's Implementation Scientist, the session included remarks from four panel members. Tammy Dickinson, Principal Assistant Director for Environment & Energy at OSTP, began the panel discussion with an overview of the Obama Administration's interest in the Arctic, including his recent visit to Alaska for the GLACIER conference. Martin Jeffries, Program Officer and Arctic Science Advisor at ONR, outlined a typical collaboration team meeting: a short presentation on a research program or study of interest to the team as well as short updates from team members on the work at their agency or institution. Sandy Starkweather filled in for Simon Stephenson, Senior Advisor at NSF Geosciences, to outline IARPC's re-visioning process in which we will craft the next Arctic Research Plan. Finally, I presented a brief overview of the IARPC Collaborations website, including new features such as our featured topics page and Arctic Acronym Glossary. The slides from this presentation are embedded below.

IARPC Collaborations is an experiment: we integrate non-federal researchers in the federal research process in a way that is currently not found elsewhere in the US federal government, and possibly the world. Our collaboration teams and website have been extremely successful, and other parts of the federal government are looking to us as a model to increase their impact. The critical component to this success is our engaged community members who log in and share their research and resources, increasing connection and collaboration in the Arctic research community. Can you contribute to our efforts? Please request an account on our member space

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