SIRTA (Systematic Improvements to Reanalyses of The Arctic) Working Group Formed

October 27, 2015
By Jessica Rohde

The IARPC Staff Group is forming the SIRTA (Systematic Improvements to Reanalyses of the Arctic) working group to address a need for improved Arctic reanalysis models of weather, sea ice, glaciers, ecosystems, and other components of the Arctic system. Reanalysis models such as NOAA/NCEP’s CFS and NASA’s MERRA are used for everything from weather forecasts to sea ice thickness estimates. But these approaches are handicapped by a lack of information in the Arctic, and need improved and expanded treatments of Arctic physical processes, general observational data for assimilation, and specific measurements for calibration and validation.

MERRA data. Image courtesy of NASA

The SIRTA Working Group will evaluate the state, utilization, limitations and potential utility of the current Arctic reanalyses; inventory and assess the currently planned operational and experimental observations of the Arctic system to improve reanalyses; and examine reanalyses products and forecast models for potential improvement.

Participation on the SIRTA working group is open to anyone and you are welcome to participate in a kick-off meeting on November 12th at 3:30 EST. To participate, you must request an account on the IARPC Collaborations member space.

Posted by Jessica Rohde on behalf of Sara Bowden, IARPC

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