Workshop on Best Practices and Data Standards for Community Based Observing Networks and Systems (CBONS)

September 4, 2015
By Jessica Rohde

Photo: L. Alessa

Arctic researchers increasingly look to on-site, resident communities for information to make sense of our changing planet. However, the establishment of systems and networks to capture this information requires careful planning and rigorous application, yet a community standard of best practices does not yet exist. The Workshop on Best Practices and Data Standards for Community Based Observing Networks and Systems (CBONS) aims to bring together the research community to establish such a set of guiding principles.

This includes defining what CBONs are and are not, how they can be established as partnerships with observer communities, and the kinds of insights they can convey. Participants will discuss data standards in the context of data acquisitions, quality assurances, protections, accessibility and interoperability with other types of observatories. Participants will also discuss and outline how information from CBONS can be used to understand and anticipate changes in the arctic system and the societal implications of these changes. Finally, discussion will include the role(s) of CBONs in moving toward the ability to predict, prepare, and respond to arctic critical events as a result of global and environmental change.

Dates: 2 Days, October 5 and 6, 2015

Location: University of Washington Campus, UW Law School and Center for Urban Horticulture.

Registration Fee: None; Travel funds available to resident community members as well as others who require support.

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To register, ask questions or to receive more information please contact: Dr. Lilian Alessa,  or Ms. Grace Beaujean, Aleut International Association (AIA),  or Ms. Sarah Dengler, The Center for Resilient Communities(CRC), University of Idaho,


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