Announcing the New Arctic Research Plan

December 15, 2021
By Liz Weinberg

IARPC is excited to share the new Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026. This new plan provides the federal government with a bold new strategy to address change in the Arctic.

For many years, the IARPC Collaborations has been seeking to understand the biological, physical, and social processes occurring in the Arctic. Now, we will build on these accomplishments and communities of practice to direct research that addresses societal challenges faced by the peoples of the Arctic. Through convergent research and continued collaboration among many disciplines, this new Arctic Research Plan will help us understand and respond to a changing Arctic.

The new plan outlines key research goals that will address community resilience and health, Arctic systems interactions, sustainable economies and livelihoods, and risk management and hazard mitigation. The plan provides a roadmap for federal agencies to nimbly and collaboratively understand and support resilience in the Arctic for the next generation.

Read the Arctic Research Plan 2022-2026

Image: Molly Trainor and Eric Cline/TerraGraphica

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