October 2020 Collaboration Team Meetings Synopsis

November 19, 2020
By Liz Weinberg

Did you miss a collaboration team meeting or are you interested in what IARPC collaboration teams discuss? Here is the recap of all October 2020 collaboration team meetings.

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Cancelled: Health & Well-being October Meeting 

Advances in Arctic Sea Ice Mapping for Maritime Decision Support: Arctic Data Collaboration Sub-Team October 2020 Meeting

The krill trap model- understanding mechanisms that create bowhead whale feeding hotspots near Point Barrow, Alaska: Marine Ecosystems Collaboration Team Meeting October 2020

Schools on Ice: Glaciers & Sea-level Collaboration Team October 2020 Meeting - Glaciers & Sea Level October Meeting

  • Presentations:
    • UAF’s International Summer School in Glaciology - Experiences and challenges- Regine Hock (University of Alaska)
    • Research, Education, and Collaboration on the Juneau Icefield Research Program – Seth Campbell (University of Maine)
  • Highlights: Regine described UAF’s International Summer School in Glaciology school which meets in McCarthy bi-annually which provides a space for graduate students going into glaciology programs, who come from diverse disciplinary and cultural backgrounds. The course helps to increase literacy in glaciology, networking, and developing future collaborations. Seth described how JIRP works to build leaders to address issues and pursue making a difference with the mission: “We teach, train, and inspire the scientific leaders of tomorrow.”
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  • What’s next:

Cancelled: Permafrost October Meeting

Cancelled: Terrestrial Ecosystems October Meeting

Bridging Arctic Research and Collaboration Networks: Coastal Resilience Collaboration Team and Early Career Forum October 2020 Meeting

Update on Coordination activities: SEARCH, ARCUS & BODSI: Environmental Intelligence Collaboration Team October Meeting

  • Presentations:
    • Transparency and Accessibility of Arctic Research (SEARCH) – Brendan P. Kelly
    • ARCUS Activities: Knowledge Sharing for Stakeholder & Decision-maker Needs - Helen Wiggins
    • Bering Region Ocean Data Sharing Initiative Update (BODSI) - Jill Prewitt
  • Highlight: The meeting gathered information on the general objectives and recent engagement in SEARCH, ARCUS, and BODSI. The specific focus was geared towards the collaboration teams in the new 5-year plan, performance measures, and how these efforts might be relevant to the indigenous community.
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  • What’s next2020 Post Summer Sampling Season: Research Cruise Update - joint meeting with MECT, CRCT, HWCT, December 01st, 1-2:30 pm EST

Creating high impact partnerships in International Data and Observing Work: US Committee to the Sustained Arctic Observing Network (SAON) - Arctic Observing Systems and Data Sub-Team October 2020 Meeting

  • Presentations:
    • Organizational context and progress from the US AON Board perspective (Roberto Delgado)
    • Progress since AOS and on the ROADS process (Sandy Starkweather)
    • Arctic and polar data community activities (e.g. hackathons) (Peter Pulsifer)
  • Highlights:
    • This meeting featured an overview and updates on the US Arctic Observing Network (US AON) and its role as a national committee to SAON, the SAON ROADS process, and efforts to create a more cohesive international Arctic data community.
  • What’s next: North Atlantic/Arctic Gateway Transports - Joint meeting of the Physical Oceanography Self-Formed Team and Arctic Observing System Sub-Team, November 5th, 1:00-2:00 pm EST

Air-Ice-Ocean interactions: Initial report backs from MOSAiC - Joint Sea Ice, Atmosphere, and Modeling Collaboration Team Meeting October 2020

  • Topic: Air-Ice-Ocean interactions
  • Presentations:
    • Challenges and Opportunities of a Year in the Arctic Sea Ice - Matthew Shupe
    • Observing the surface energy budget over sea ice at MOSAiC - Christopher J. Cox
    • Snow and sea ice and MOSAiC - Don Perovich
  • Highlight: This meeting gave an overview of the MOSAiC cruise, outcomes, and research endeavours during the entire project.
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  • What’s next:

Thumbnail photo by Jeremy Harbeck/NASA

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