Working with Self-Forming Teams

November 3, 2020
By Liz Weinberg

IARPC supports communication and collaboration across all areas of Arctic research. Sometimes that is with our collaboration teams which implement the Arctic Research Plan. But did you know that we have a number of self-forming teams? These teams are spaces for IARPC Collaborations members to organize around topics important to you. Our self-forming teams include:

We at IARPC encourage all Arctic researchers and community members to join IARPC Collaborations and check out our self-forming teams.

Liz Weinberg is our Web Manager and Community Coordinator, and is always open to new ideas for self-forming teams. If you have a proposal for a new team, or have questions about existing ones, please contact her at She'll work with you to design a space for your community to gather and grow.

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Liz Weinberg
Web Manager & Community Coordinator
(503) 893-8910