Synopsis of September 2020 Collaboration Team Meetings

October 16, 2020
By Liz Weinberg

Did you miss a collaboration team meeting or are interested in what IARPC collaboration teams discuss? Here is the recap of all September 2020 collaboration team meetings.

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Health & Well-Being September 15 Meeting

Atmosphere September 21 Meeting (Recording)

  • Topic: Gathering Information for the Annual Report 
  • Presentations: 
    • Overview of the reporting process with its broader context- Larry Hinzman (IARPC)
  • Highlights: 
    • Larry Hinzman (IARPC ED) emphasized IARPC’s achievements over the past five years and noted the importance of reporting to convey these achievements to Congress, OMB, and other audiences. Arctic research priorities are now among the federal priorities, he said, based on achievements of federal researchers and reports going up the chain to OBM and others in the government. The IARPC community has been able to accomplish a great deal by facilitating collaboration so that existing resources have a greater impact. Conditions in the Arctic are reverberating throughout the globe, and there is a lot of work to be done to better understand these processes. Larry noted that IARPC is the only group within the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)  that produces reports which go to Congress, and that both the reports and the underlying research/advances are important.
  • Relevant Links: 
    • There was further discussion around the recent Plan Development Workshop and the research priorities that emerged. For more information please see this page and the September newsletter.
    • Do these research objectives connect with education somewhere?
 Yes, these connections are most directly addressed within the STEM Education self-forming team.
  • What’s next: MOSAiC Air-Ice-Ocean Interactions (October 19, 4-5:30 ET)

Sea Ice September Meeting: Did not meet

Marine Ecosystems September Meeting:

See joint food security meeting with Observing and Data Collaboration Teams

Glaciers & Sea Level September Meeting: Did not meet

Permafrost September Meeting: Did not meet

Terrestrial Ecosystems September Meeting: Did not meet

Coastal Resilience September 2 Meeting (Recording)

  • Topic: Adapting to New Communication Strategies for Arctic Activities During COVID
  • Presentations: 
    • Discussion about Arctic activities and communication strategies during COVID – John Pearce and Colleen Strawhacker:
    • Patty Schwalenberg (Executive Director, Alaska Migratory Bird Co-management Council)

    • Roberto Delgado (NSF Program Director, Arctic Observing Network)

    • Rosie Masui (Harmful Algal Bloom Community Monitoring Program, Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve)

  • Highlights: 
      • Ideas to improve communications:
        • Concise and timely meeting notes are important to help people stay connected
        • It would be good to normalize the reality of working from home by welcoming kids and pets

        • Host Zoom personal (1-on1) meetings between people and colleagues

        • Morning meeting to check-in

        • Encouraging organic conversations outside of specific topics can be useful

        • We are dealing with immense changes and a helpful strategy is to be as flexible as you can and being considerate.

  • Relevant Links: 
    • Starlink (Elon Musk’s satellite internet service, will soon be available. Availability starts in high latitudes and you can sign up for beta testing now.
  • Performance Elements:
  • What’s next: Early Career Research Directions in Coastal Resilience- October 21

Environmental Intelligence September Meeting: Did Not Meet

Food Security and Coordinated Observing - Overview of a new Research Networking Activity: Joint Observing Systems, Marine Ecosystems, and Data Collaboration Team Meeting September 2020 (Recording)

  • Topic: Food Security and Coordinated Observing - Overview of a new Research Networking Activity
  • Presentations:
    • Understanding the importance of holistic food systems in Alaska Native communities (Krista Alaska Heeringa, Brooke Wright)
    • Overview of the Indigenous Peoples Food Security Working Group (Josie Sam, RaychelleAluaq Daniel)
    • Introduction to the Coordinated Observing Research Networking Activity (HajoEicken, UAF)
  • Highlights:
    • Brooke shared a statement by Bruce Irving “We advocate to protect our way of life for our elders, youth and future generations, because we want their future to be better than our best life. We want our animal relatives to be respected and honored for their gift of life. We are their voice. We fight for our way of life because it heals our historical trauma and intergenerational trauma.”
    • Observing and monitoring are very important for Indigenous Peoples. Instead of talking about why IK is important, now talking about how to build observing framework and applying what has been learned. Observing and monitoring systems need to be flexible and adaptive and linking observing and monitoring to decision making frameworks correctly. 
    • RNA working with SAON and other partners to come up with coordinated and bottom-up approach to sustained observations. RNA project contributes to a broader effort that is meant to provide a framework for use activities already underway to find a mechanism to narrow and focus activities from the bottom-up. Will require more rigorous technical co-design and co-management that involve and draw guidance from Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic.
  • Relevant Links:
  • Performance Elements: 9.4.1
  • What’s next: US Committee to SAON - October 21 from 3:00 - 4:15 pm ET

Modeling Sub Team September Meeting:

  • See Food Security and Coordinated Observing - Overview of a new Research Networking Activity : Joint Observing Systems, Marine Ecosystems, and Data Collaboration Team Meeting September 2020 (Joint Meeting on September 30th)
  • What’s next: Modeling in MOSAiC (October 22th)

Arctic Data Sub Team September Meeting: Did Not Meet

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